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Valheim - How to Use Console Commands

You can open up the console at any time while in a Valheim world.
To bring up the Valheim console, just tap F5 on your keyboard. After you've finished using it, tap either ESC or F5 again to close it.

To set your RCON Password, use this command:
rcon.password ----- Sets up the RCON password.

Valheim Console Cheat Commands
imacheater ------- Toggles access to cheat commands on/off.

pos ------ Prints the coordinates of your current position.

goto [x,z] ----- Teleports you to the specified coordinates Example: goto 0,0

exploremap ------ Explores the entire map, removing all fog of war.

resetmap ----- Resets map exploration, clearing ALL previously explored areas.

killall ----- Kills all nearby enemies.

tame ------ Tames all nearby tameable creatures.

hair ----- Permanently removes your hair.

beard ----- Permanently removes your beard.

location ----- Sets new spawn location.

raiseskill [skill] [amount] ----- Increases the level of the specified skill by the specified amount.
Note: increases BY amount, not TO amount. Example: raiseskill run 20

resetskill [skill] ----- Resets the specified skill level to 0. Example: resetskill run

freefly ----- Toggles on/off the freefly drone camera view.

ffsmooth [0-1] ----- Sets the smoothing of the freefly camera (0 = no smoothing, 1 = full smoothing).

tod [0-1] OR tod -1 ----- Sets the time of day. 0 and 1 are both midnight. 0.5 is noon. -1 is dawn.

resetenv ----- eRsets the debug environment.

wind [angle] [intensity] ----- Sets the wind to the specified angle (0 is north) and the specified intensity from 0 to 1.
Example: wind 180 1

resetwind ----- Resets the wind to default.

god ----- Toggles God Mode on/off. In God Mode you take no damage.

event [name] ----- Starts the specified event.
Example: event wolves

stopevent ----- Stops the current event.

randomevent ------ Starts a random event.

save ----- Forces the game to save.

resetcharacter ----- Resets your character's skills and inventory.

removedrops ----- Removes all item drops nearby.

players [nr] ----- Force difficulty scale (0 = Reset)
Example: players 2 or players 0 to reset players.

lodbias [number] ----- Set distance lod bias. If empty shows actual lodbias. By default 1.5

Valheim Non-cheating Console Commands

help ----- Prints a list of available console commands.

kick [name/ip/userID] ----- Kicks the specified player from the server. The name is case sensitive.
Example: kick Ollie_The_Great

ban [name/ip/userID] ----- Bans the specified player from the server. The name is case sensitive.
Example: ban Ollie_The_Great

unban [name/ip/userID] ----- Unbans the specified player, allowing them access back onto the server. The name is case sensitive.
Example: unban Ollie_The_Great

banned ----- Prints a list of players banned from this server.

ping ----- Pings the server and prints how long in milliseconds it took to receive a reply. Useful for measuring latency/lag on a server.

Updated on: 15/02/2021

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