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How to setup regular Valheim backups

This article will guide you setting up regular backups for your Valheim server

If you have not setup backups on your Valheim server, we recommend you follow this article and set them right away.

Valheim is still in early access and there is a known world destroying bug that impacts dedicated servers as well as local worlds. Shutting down while the world is saving can also cause unexpected wipes, so it is vital to have backups available. This article will guide you on setting these up.

Log in to your TCADMIN panel

Click on the "Scheduled Tasks" Icon

Click new and select Backup your saves/config

Setup the task to run as shown below. This will provide a 1 hour backup for 24 hours. Making 24 backups overall.

Options for making the task:

Name: Whatever you want it to be.
Enabled: Ticked
Type: Daily
Start: Pick when you want the first task to start in the future.
Recur Every: 1 Days.
Repeat Task: Ticked
Repeat Every: 1 Hours
For: 24 Hours

Once finished, click save.

You have now setup your regular backups for Valheim.

These backups are stored locally on the server which you can access via the file explorer. They are placed in a folder called Backups and you can download these to your PC or use the restore function on the dashboard to restore to them.

Updated on: 16/02/2021

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