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ServerBlend Web RCON Tool

The ServerBlend Web RCON tool is a simple tool designed at providing clients with a means of accessing their Rust server via a web rcon system to manage, monitor and control their Rust server.

This tool can be used both by servers hosted by ServerBlend, and ones through other hosts, for free.

You can access the system via the following URL: or via the icon on your control panel.

Your Rust server config must include the command rcon.web "1" within your server.cfg file. If it is disabled or set to 0 you will be unable to connect to web RCON. Your game server must be fully online to connect to RCON.

Obtaining your RCON IP/Port Information.

You require your RCON IP:PORT, which can be found on your control panel and your admin password.

Setting up your RCON password can be found in this article.

Once connected you will have access to several pages.

Server. This page details the server information including slots, network and server stats and server performance.
Console. Direct console access with the ability to send commands via RCON to the server. Useful for configuring Umod plugins.
Player list.

Updated on: 20/09/2019

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