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Rust - Advanced Using the Task Scheduler

The Task Scheduled is designed to assist in providing powerful tools for automating a variety of functions. Here is the ones that are specifically used for Rust.
The different tasks

The server's time is set for UTC. Be sure to set the schedule for your time zone by converting it to UTC for the desired time.

How often a task can be set:

Each task can be set to occur one time (One Time), Daily, Weekly, and Monthly options.

Advanced Options:

And the Advanced Options allows you to set it to force the task to occur, wait until the server is empty of players or skip the task.
Advanced Options

Scheduled Start/Stop/Restart:

The Scheduled Start/Stop/Restart is for when you need to have the server starting, stopping, or restarting on a schedule you need.

Steam Update/Game Server Update:

The Steam Update to ensure that the server is up to date with the latest version. The Advanced Option allows you to set the server to only update when there is a new version available.
Update only if new version is available

Console/RCON Commands:

The Console/RCON Command to issue commands or broadcast messages using their Console/RCON command to issue them.
Console/RCON Command

Backup Saves/Config:

The Backup Saves/Config to assist with taking a backup of your server to assist with restoring the progress with the Restore Saves/Config on the control panel.

Branch Switcher:

The Rust Server Branch Switcher allows you to set up the task to change between branches of Release, Staging and Aux01.
Rust Server Branch Switcher

Wipe Map, Not Blueprints/Wipe Rust Save Files:

The Wipe Map, Not Blueprints and Wipe Rust Save Files are to assist you with the monthly 1st Thursday of the month wipe for Rust.

Updated on: 28/10/2022

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