How to use RCON with your Unturned server

Login to your ServerBlend Control panel, here.
Stop the server.
Install RocketMod via the mod manager.
You will be prompted for a RCON password. Enter what you wish for it to be. Hostname can be ignored.

You can change this password at any time by editing it in the Rocket.config.xml file

Click install. Let the process complete.
Start the server and let it start-up fully.
You can now use the console by entering your RCON password, followed by the command you wish to use.

Connect to RCON using Putty

Download Putty, install and open the tool.
Enter your servers IP, and RCON PORT in the boxes.
Change SSH to Telnet

Click Open

If done correctly your be presented with the console

Type login RCONPASSWORD and your be good to use commands.

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