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Unturned Rocket Mod Setup, Update, Permissions, and Commands

How to Install RocketMod

Log on to the Control Panel for your server here.

Make sure to stop the server.

Navigate to the Mod Manager on the panel.

Click Install on the RocketMod and allow it to complete.

Press Start on the server to allow it to populate the configs for the RocketMod.

Navigate to the /unturned/ directory

How to Update RocketMod

Log on to the Control Panel for your server here.

Make sure to stop the server.

Click the Update RocketMod button on the panel.

Click Start to

List of Plugins from the RocketMod Plugin Repository
Repository Plugin Listing

RocketMod GitHub

RocketMod Default Commands

Copy and paste the command from the
command example
to use for the commands.

Admin ----- Adds the specified player to admin list.
/admin <player>

Broadcast ----- Broadcasts a message to server.
/broadcast <message>

Exit/Disconnect ----- Disconnects you from server.

God Mode ----- Turns on and off god mode.

Heal Player ----- Heals a given player / leave blank for self-heal.
/heal [player]

Help ----- Shows help information.

Item ----- Gives you items.
/i <item> [amount]

Item ----- Gives you items.
/item <item> [amount]

More ----- Gives more items.

Teleport ----- Teleports you to a given player.
/tp <player>

Teleport Player to You ----- Teleports a given player to you
/tphere <player>

Remove Admin ----- Removes the specified player from admin list.
/unadmin <player>

Vanish / Invisible ----- Turns on and off invisibility to other players.

Give vehicle ----- Gives you a vehicle.
/v <vehicle>

Feature Commands
Compass ----- Tells you what direction you are facing.

Effect ----- Spawns Unturned effect.
/effect <effect id>

Give vehicle ----- Teleports you to your last bed placed.

Informative Commands
Investigate / Get Steam64 ID ----- Tells you the player's Steam 64 id.
/investigate <player>

Show Player Permissions ----- Shows your permissions, or the permissions of others (p.)
//p <player>

Reload Permissions ----- Reloads the permissions (p.reload. )
/p reload

Add / Remove Player from Group ----- Add / remove player to group (p.add, p.remove. )
/p [add | remove] <player> <group>

Reloading Rocket or a Indiviual Plugin ----- Reloading Rocket or individual plugins (rocket.plugins, rocket.reload, rocket.reloadplugin, rocket.unloadplugin, rocket.loadplugin. )
/rocket <plugins | reload> | <reload | unload | load> <plugin>

Updated on: 10/12/2020

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