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Unturned Server Command List

When typing a command through a chat box, you need to start with either an “@” or a “/” before your command. For example, “/Permit [SteamID]/[Tag]” or “@Permit [SteamID]/[Tag].” All command parameters are separated by forward slashes. All time based parameters must be expressed in seconds.

This is an example of the layout for each command you find below. You can copy and paste the commands that are listed in the Syntax column of each command to use in game.
Command ----- Command Description
Syntax (You can copy and paste this area)

Server Owner/Admin Commands

These are commands that can be used by any admin, but that should be limited to owners only. These change Server specific settings such as Time, PvE being enabled, allowing save file syncs, etc.

Chatrate ----- Assigns a minimum time between chat messages to prevent spamming.
Syntax (Chatrate [Number]

Cycle ----- Assigns the length of the day/night cycle in seconds.
Cycle [Number]

Debug ----- Assigns the length of the day/night cycle in seconds.

Filter ----- Provides information on the state of the server.

Gold ----- Filters out players with non-English alphanumeric names.

Loadout ----- Restricts server to only Gold players.)
Loadout [SkillsetID]/[ItemID]/[ItemID]/...

Cycle ----- Give players each item when spawning. Using SkillsetID of 255 gives the item set to everyone. Can only be used in the server console or the servers Commands.dat file.
Cycle [Number]

Log ----- Enables logging of chat, join, leave, death, and anticheat messages. Parameters are Y or N values.
Log [Chat]/[Join/Leave]/[Death]/[Anticheat]

Map ----- Sets the map that the server loads on startup.
Map [Level]

MaxPlayers ----- Sets the maximum number of connections the server is willing to accept.
MaxPlayers [Number]

Mode ----- Sets the maximum number of connections the server is willing to accept.

Owner ----- Gives admin rights to a steam ID. Must also be set in the server's Commands.dat file.
Owner [SteamID]

Password ----- Assigns the codeword required for entry to the server.
Password [Text]

Perspective ----- Assigns the perspective of the server.
Perspective [First/Third/Both/Vehicle]

Queue_Size ----- Sets the maximum number of queued connections to the server.
Queue_Size [Number]

ResetConfig ----- Resets the config.dat file to default values.

Save ----- Forces a save of the server.

Say ----- Broadcasts a message to all of the connected clients.
Say [Text]/[R]/[G]/[B]

Shutdown ----- Saves the server state and closes the server.
Shutdown [Delay]

Sync ----- Allows players to share savedata between your servers.

Time ----- Assigns current time
Time [Number in Seconds]

Timeout ----- Assigns a maximum ping threshold.
Timeout [Number in seconds]

Welcome ----- Sets a chat box welcome message.
Welcome [Text]/[R]/[G]/[B]

Player Moderation CommandsPlayer Moderation Commands
These are commands which will be useful for player moderators, for example, kicking, banning, and adding reputation.

Admin ----- Adds the specified player to the list of administrators.
Admin [SteamID | Player]

Ban) ----- Bans the specified player for a reason and duration of time set by admin.
Ban [SteamID | Player]/[Reason]/[Duration]

Kick ----- Disconnects specified player from the server.
Kick [SteamID | Player]/[Reason]

Kill ----- Kills the specified player in-game.
Kill [SteamID | Player]

Reputation ----- Gives a player some reputation.
Reputation [SteamID | Player]/[Reputation]

Slay ----- Kills the specified player in-game and bans then for 31,536,000 seconds (One year.)
Slay [SteamID | Player]

Spy ----- Takes a screenshot from the target player's perspective and saves it on the admin's computer as "Spy.jpg".
Spy [SteamID | Player]

Unadmin ----- Removes the specified player from the list of server administrators.
Unadmin [SteamID | Player]

Votify ----- Sets up voting. Pass/fail cooldown is the amount of time in seconds in which each player must wait to vote again.
Votify [Vote Allowed Y|N]/[Pass Cooldown]/[Fail Cooldown]/[Vote Duration]/[Minimum Vote Percentage]/[Minimum vote]

Vote duration specifies the duration of time that the vote remains active. Minimum vote percentage is the minimum votes percentage required for a pass, and minimum vote sets the minimum amount of people which must vote for a pass.

User Commands
These are commands that users should be able to use

Flag ----- Sets a player's flag.
Flag [SteamID | Player]/[Flag]/[Value]

Help ----- Provides information on the specified command.
Help [Command]

These are commands that require the cheats command to be set to enabled to be used.

Cheats ----- Allows your server to access cheat commands.
Cheats [Enable | Disable]

Airdrop ----- Forces an airdrop on your location.

Day ----- Sets the current time to Day.

Experience ----- Gives the specified player an item.
Experience [SteamID | Player]/[ItemID]/Amount

Night ----- Sets the current time to Night.

Storm ----- Toggles rain.

Teleport ----- Teleports the first player to the second or a location If the input is abbreviated the command will choose the player based on what name is closest alphabetically.
Teleport [SteamID | Player]/[SteamID | Player | Location]

Vehicle ----- ${color}[#ea0606](Gives the specified player a vehicle.
Vehicle [SteamID | Player]/[VehicleID]

Lists and Logs
These commands display a log of users to admins.

Admins ----- Shows a list of the current server Administrators.

Bans----- Shows a list of the current bans.

Permits ----- Shows a list of users permitted to enter your whitelisted server.

Players ----- Shows a list of players currently logged on to your server.

These commands are used if your server has a whitelist, to activate the whitelist use the command “/Whitelisted” or “@Whitelisted” with the owner’s account.

Whitelisted ----- This sets up a whitelist on your server. Only players permitted to enter may enter.

Permit ----- Adds specific player to the whitelist, must contain both SteamID and user Tag.
Permit [SteamID]/[Tag]

Unpermit ----- Removes the specific player from the whitelist.
Unpermit [SteamID]

Updated on: 04/11/2020

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