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Make yourself an admin on Unturned

How To Make Yourself An Admin

Log into your ServerBlend game panel, located here.
Click on Config Files icon.

Click Configuration Editor on the commands.dat file

In the section Server Owner box put your Steam64 ID. You can find your Steam64ID here.
Enable Cheats
Save the file and start the server.

How To Make Yourself An Admin With RocketMod

Stop the server.
Ensure you have RocketMod Installed from the mod manager.
Click on 'Config Files` icon, shown in the steps above.
Click Text Editor on the Permissions.config.xml
Add your Steam64ID to the <Member>7656119xxxxxx</Member> replacing the contents with your ID

You can add new groups or edit existing ones to this file depending on your requirements. You can add a section like the one below for admin. Add/Remove permissions depending on your needs.

To add a new group it must be added before the last </Group> tag and before the </Groups>

<ParentGroups />

Updated on: 29/10/2020

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