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How to install Oxide/Umod - Rust

Login to your control panel here, with the details you received in your setup email.

Look to the left hand side of the control panel and click on the "Game Services" button, if you dont see it, your 'll need to click the "Game & Voice Management" button first.

If you have multiple game servers, you will then need to click the "manage" button on the game server you want to install Oxide on, if you only have one game server, you will be directed to it automatically.

Click the "Stop" button to stop the server.

You should now see a button that says "Mod Manager", click this.

Click the "Install" button to the right of the Oxide mod install option, then wait until its completed.

All done! You may now start the server

For how to install and configure plugins please see our article here

Updated on: 13/10/2021

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