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What to do if you Suspect there may be a Server Outage

If your server suddenly went down and:

You are unable to access your server from the control panel, or access the control panel at all.

The server will not respond to start/stop command.

The server shows as "Unknown" in the control panel.

In which case, It is possible that there is a server outage. Check the following:

This automatically gets the system status's and updates for issues in real-time
Real-time Status Page

This is manually updated by us when we are aware of issues, or upcoming maintenance is scheduled
Open Issues / Scheduled Maintenance

Social media for up-dates from our team during incidents / maintenance

Nothing showing on any of them?

There may not be an outage, it may just be an issue with your game server which we can help resolve

There may be an outage or other issue that we, or our monitoring system has not picked up.

In either case, please contact our support team here and we'll investigate further

Updated on: 31/12/2018

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