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How to make a ticket/explain my issue

This article will help you submit a ticket for requests of support with any issues you are currently experiencing with any of our services

Before submitting a ticket ensure you have you checked our help desk articles for common self help, we likely have an article for your issue.

You can access the support ticket system in 3 ways:

Control Panel
Your billing area.
Alternatively using the hyperlink.

To make sure we're able to give all of our customers our full attention, we're asking that all support issues be opened with our ticketing system so they can reach the right team.
For all non technical issues (Sale enquiries) Please use the Live chat, and a Member of the team will be with you as soon as possible. :)

How to submit a ticket on the control panel

1. Log onto the control panel associated with your game server,
2. You should now see the icon shown in the image below.
3. Click on the icon labelled submit a support request, and this will take you to the submit a ticket page.

How to submit a ticket via the main website
Head over to
You will see support Click on support on the top right, and this will now take you to a new page.
Please login with the appropriate Account infomation with the service you have with Serverblend.

How to explain issue or question to technician or sales team

Please provide as much information as possible.
As this will assist the technician/sale's team to answer or assist with your issue as effectively and best as possible.

If you have more than one server with us here, Please provide the IP and port of the server you are experiencing this issue with. (The following layout is a template. Please feel free to use to your discretion)

The IP and port of the server :

The issue you are experiencing:

Have there been any changes made to the server recently?:

When did the issue begin?

If possible, please provide any additional information, images for referencing is as much information as possible will help the team identify your issue and assist accordingly.

Updated on: 28/10/2022

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