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How to Reinstall your Game Server (TCAdmin only)

Reinstalling a server can help if:

You want to completely reset everything
There's a problem, and you want to setup the server again as if it was brand new

Please Note:

Reinstalling will remove everything, the data removed will not be recoverable, be sure to have backups of anything you want to keep before you proceed.

Important! Some settings may remain even after a re-install. This is by design for important settings, but you may not want this. If you notice after re-installing, that the problem you are having is still there, or settings are still there. Please contact us so we can fully remove and then re-create your game server.

How to reinstall:

Login to our TCAdmin control panel

You should then be directed to your game server, if you're not, for example if you have multiple, select the game server you want to reinstall. (Click the "Game Services" button to the left if you don't see your game server list.)

Stop the server.

Click the "MORE" tab

Click the "Reinstall" button.

This will then delete everything and set the server up as if it was brand new.

The process will take some time, please be patient and let it complete. It is not possible to stop once it has begun so you must wait until it is complete.

Updated on: 05/12/2020

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