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Switch from Automated Mods to Workshop browser for Mod Update notifications

This article will explain the process from migrating from using -automanagedmods to using the workshop browser so you can be notified by server messages that an update is present and will be processed.

This provides:

- A 10 minute warning that an update will occur.
- A 5 minute warning that an update will occur.
- World Save before update.

Follow the steps below carefully to ensure a smooth transition.

Stop your server and do not start it until the process is complete.
Take backups just in case.
In the command line settings page, edit your command line, remove ALL mod ID's. Keep a record of the ID's just in case required.

You can leave map mod ID's for launching modded maps, but there must be no mods in the Workshop Mod Ids box.

Turn off (untick) Enable Auto Managed Mods
On the main control panel, use the delete all mod files icon.
In the configuration files area, edit the GameUserSettings.ini file and ensure the ActiveMods= has no mods listed.
Now go to the workshop browser.

Install all your mods. For ease you can install all mods using a workshop collection: Creating A Steam Collection
Once all mods are installed and you are happy they are correctly set you can start your server.
Lastly to enable the automated notifications you need to make a scheduled task using the Workshop update task.

The task is the frequency the system will check for updates and apply them. A good value is to check every day, every 30 minutes for 24 hours.

Guidance on setting up scheduled tasks can be found here: Using the Task Scheduler

Updated on: 26/06/2020

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