This article will guide you through saving your ARK: Survival Evolved hosting with ServerBlend.

Auto save
ARK automaitcally saves by default every 15 minutes, this can be increased/decreased as you like by changing the AutoSavePeriodMinutes=10 value to your choosing in the GameUserSettings.ini The value is in minutes.

Recommended to not be any more frequent that 10 minutes.

Saving Whilst On the server
Whilst using and playing on your ARK server you can as admin, use the command saveworld which will process an immediate save. You must be logged in as admin using the command enablecheats adminpassword to do this. The server will continue to auto save whilst your playing.

Panel RCON SaveWorld
Our built in panel RCON system comes with an function to click an icon on the panel to process a save. You require you servers admin password to do this.

Ensure you have installed 'Panel RCON' from the mod manager to use this.

Click the icon, enter your admin password and execute. It will send the command to the server.
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