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Enabling EpicGames Crossplay on your ARK: Survival Evolved server


EpicGames currently does not have support for modding. You will be unable to join a cross play enabled game server with mods installed as it will not show in the Epic Games client for ARK.

Modding will not be supported at launch but we fully intend to have modding support enabled when the Epic Games Store supports it. For now, any servers that are set up to use mods will not display in the EGS version of ARK.

To enable cross play for your ARK:Survival Evolved game server follow the steps below:

Stop your server.
Go to the command line settings
In the settings look for the section relating to Epic Games Crossplay.
Turn on the setting Enable EpicGames CrossPlay

If you require the other cross play settings then you can enable them.

IMPORTANT! 23rd June 2020, we have had multiple reports of there to be problems with BattleEye when epic games gross play is enabled. If you get kicked by BattleEye, disable it by adding -NoBattlEye to the extra options box at the bottom of the command line

Once ready save the command line.
Ensure your command line is 'Enabled' by clicking Enable me

Official release information for crossplay

How to join your server.

Click Host \ Local
Click 'Play Singleplayer'
Once loaded into the world press TAB.
Press Enter. It will connect you to your server.

Replace the CONNECTIONIP:PORT above with your connection IP:Port displayed in the control panel. This is not the Steam connection information.

You can also join by finding the server in the ingame list. Make the name unique so you can find it easily. Give the list time to fully populate and the server is fully online prior to doing this.

Updated on: 23/06/2020

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