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Installing mods using the ARK Workshop Browser

We recently updated our control to provide a built in Steam workshop browser for ARK: Survival Evolved.

This tool links directly into the workshop system so it can display and show all the mods, maps and other modifications for ARK with the ability to install each mod with one click!

Please note, as of 11th June 2020, Epic games version of ARK does not support mods! This may change in the future

We have tested this tool and it is a viable method for installing large mods (1-2GB+) if methods like -automanagedmods fails to install a mod. You should disable -automanagedmods from your command line when installing mods via this method.

This article will detail the mod installation process in detail.

Installing Mod Files.

When installing mods. If you require a set load order, install the mods in the order you require.
Login to your control panel here.
Stop your server and take any backups required.
On the servers control panel you will see Steam Workshop icon. Click this icon.

Once the workshop opens you will displayed with mods from the Steam workshop.

There are a lot of ARK mods and this browser allows you to filter, select a category, search for a mod just like the Steam workshop itself or simply pick the most popular over a period of time. Each mod has a link to the Steam workshop page for that mod.

Some mods require additional configuration, the workshop page itself will detail this.

When you find the mod you wish to install. Click the install button. A box will appear showing the progress. Once complete the box will go away and the mod will show as installed in the browser.

When the box shows 'executing scripts' it is extremely important the process is left to complete even if it looks like it is not doing anything. If there is no error it is working. The larger the mod the longer this will take. Very large mods(2GB+) can take up to 30 minutes or more to complete. This process is extracting and configuring the required files to allow the mod to work on your game server.

Activating The Mods.

This tool automatically adds the MOD ID for the mod you installed automatically to your gameusersettings.ini config file. You do not need to do add or change anything. Adding multiple mods will add each mod to the ActiveMods line one after another.

You should install the mods in the order you require them to be in the ActiveMods= so the launch order is correct.

The spaces shown in the configuration file will automatically correct themselves on server start. It will not impact your server and it can be ignored.

You can now start your server and the mod will be active on your server.

You must disable -automanagedmods in your command line before starting your server. Otherwise it will delete everything you just installed.

Updating Mods

To update mods installed via this method you will see a button to uninstall the mod. This will process the removal of the mod files. After this completes you can install the mod once again to grab the new updated files.

You can also set a Workshop Update scheduled task to check for updates automatically and process them.

This provides:

- A 10 minute warning that an update will occur.
- A 5 minute warning that an update will occur.
- World Save before update.

An example scheduled task for the workshop update can be found please.

Uninstalling Mods

To removal all traces of the mod files from your server go to the workshop browser and find the mod and click uninstall. A box will appear showing the progress. Once complete it will remove the mod from your gameusersettings.ini

Installing Map Mods.

To install maps, follow the above process to install the mod files.
Go back to the main game server dashboard and click the "Command Line Manager"

Create a pre defined command line and change the map to 'Any workshop map mod'

Add the map mod ID into the Map Mod box, and click Apply.

Updated on: 18/08/2021

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