This article will describe how to install large (in file size) ARK: Survival Evolved mods or maps, however, it is not always needed. It is only needed if when using Auto Mod Management the mod is not fully downloaded, and you experience issues like:

Mod Mismatch error when you try and join the server
Server failing to start fully
Missing modded items
70 slot error / email notice of change

The problem happens due to SteamCMD time outs, its mostly a problem on HDD based servers, SSD servers suffer occasionally, and NVME never, or very rarely. Contact us or see our upgrade article if you wish to upgrade.

Important notes

You should always try to use the Auto Mod Management first, as it's the best way to install and update mods and may work fine.

You can find the Mod ID, of any mod, or map mod, at the end of the URL. For example:
The id is at the end after id= . So the Mod ID would be 1581857481

You must remove the big mod ID added in step 9, when you update other mods again in the future, or it will be overridden, and you will need to re-install the big mod from the mod manager.

How to fix or install large mods:

Ensure your server is completely stopped, and your save files are backed up (see here one how to make a backup)

If you've previously used auto mod management, go the command line and de-tick the auto managed mods setting

Now go to the Mod Manager, scroll down (next page if necessary) and you will see a section for "Big Workshop Mods". Find and click Install for the big workshop mod/s you want, that are failing under Auto Mod Management.

If you don't see the mod you want, just contact us and we will add it.

Go back to the main game server dashboard and select the "Configuration Files" button, choose the "Configuration Editor" for the GameUserSettings.ini file. (You can do this via the Text Editor too if you prefer)

Enter any other mod ID's you want in the ActiveMods= section, separating each with a comma. You must not enter the big workshop mods that you installed in step 3 yet..

Click Save and go back to the main game server dashboard.

Click the Workshop Mods Install and Update button, and click OK to confirm execution. A box will now open, do not close it, (even if looks like its not doing anything) it will complete and will show the details of the installs.

Its a good idea after its completed, to scroll up the box to make sure the mods installed successfully.

Go back to the GameUserSettings.ini file like you did in step 4, and now add the big workshop mod ID's that you installed in the mod manager in step 3.

Click Save, if you have a map mod, please proceed below, otherwise you may now start the server!

If you installed a map mod in step 3:

Go back to the main game server dashboard and click the "Command Line Manager"

Select the "Custom Map Mod + Custom Options" command line by clicking the Select button to the right.

Add the map mod ID into the Map Mod box, and click Apply.

If you had the 70 slot error:

Go back into the Configuration Files like in step 4 above, but this time go into the Text Editor for the GameUserSettings.ini file

Scroll down until you see the MaxPlayers setting, change this value to your paid for slot amount

If you ever have any issues, a mod in our "Mod Manager" is out of date, or a mod you need is missing, please contact us.
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