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How to upload your ARK:Survival Evolved save

Thank you for choosing us as your ARK:Survival Evolved Host!

This guide will help you upload your own ARK:Survival Evolved save.

If you're transferring to us from a different provider and would like to transfer your save, config, mods etc. We'll happily do this for free, simply contact us.

What will be in this guide

Uploading a SavedARKs folder. Such as from a local server or another host
Uploading a local single player save

If you have a SavedARKS Folder

This steps below will be handy if you've got a SavedARKs folder, such as if its been provided to you by an old host, or from a local server, and you're not sure what to do with it.

Log into your TCAdmin control panel and click File Explorer

Once you've clicked it, you will be greeted with this:

Click the ShooterGame folder, then the Saved folder. Keep your browser open on this page.

Before we upload, we need to zip your SavedARKS folder. To do this, simply right click on it > Send to > Compressed folder. Wait until the zip process is complete.

Back in the file explorer, first if you have a SavedARKs folder there already, either rename it, or delete it.

Now with zipped SavedARKS folder. You need to click the upload button, you will notice the upload button at the top-bar, click it and you will see :

Click the Choose File button, and it'l bring up a window where you will need to navigate to the folder you zipped previously. Find it and select it

Then click upload and wait until complete.

If you get a timed out message or it just goes blank, with nothing uploaded. It means your world is too big for the web file manager, but its not a problem! You just need to use FTP instead, we have an article on how to connect to your server using FTP here then you navigate to the same folder as stated above and upload the zip through the FTP program. (you drag and drop the file into the right hand side of the ftp program if using FileZilla)

Once you've uploaded it, click the third icon next to the zip file to extract it

Uploading a single player save

The steps below, will help you if you have a local save you want to upload to the server

Open steam, right click ARK: Survival Evolved in your library and click properties

Click on the local files tab and browse local files, this should open the folder that your ARK is installed in.

Now open "ShooterGame", you will see the "Saved" folder. Open that:

Rename "SavedArksLocal" to "SavedArks".

Go into the LocalProfiles folder and you should see one profile here named:
PlayerLocalData.arkprofile. You need to rename this file to convert it to multiplayer as explained below..
go here
put your steam profile URL into the box and click Find Steam ID
copy the long number it shows you
Rename the arkprofile file as the long number you got above, so instead of PlayerLocalData.arkprofile, it says for example 76561198170648413.arkprofile
Copy this file, and paste it into the SavedArks folder from step 4 above.

Now you have the SavedARKS folder, look above and follow the steps below "If you have a SavedARKS Folder"

Updated on: 04/03/2022

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