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How to update to experimental Alpha20 on your 7 days to die server

Updated: 8th December 2021.

How to update to experimental Alpha20 on your 7 days to die server.

Alpha20 is releasing initially on the latest_experimental Steam branch. To access this you can use the Game Switcher tool we have on the control panel. If you are using the 7 Days to Die - Latest Stable + Branch Switcher configuration then it is recommended to follow these steps and switch over to the new config.

Prepare to update.

Take a backup of any existing data/saves in case you want to come back to Alpha19. Alpha19 saves are not compatible on Alpha20, and vice versa. Download these to your PC.
Take any other relevant steps you feel required.

Developer Note: To be on the safe side, when you generate a new map for A20, please do not name it the same as any previously named maps you have done. Same with the name you choose for your save. Pick something new.

Contact the support team here if you do not see the Game Switcher on your control panel:

If you do not see the icon above on your panel request enabling of the game switcher for the Latest Experimental. Once enabled you can go to your control panel and use the new Game Switcher icon to reinstall over to the Alpha20 experimental. This method does reinstall all files so ensure you have all backups needed.

Configure Alpha20:

Click Config Files and open the serverconfigmain.xml config editor. Adjust anything settings needed and click save.

Start your game server.

Once these steps have been completed your game server is now Alpha 20 ready. Please ensure to clear your client options, explained below.

Clear you client game options.

- When you click play in Steam, select the option to load the game launcher.

- Proceed to the tools tab and using the clean option, tick all options. This is recommended developer advice and will cause issues if alpha19 data exists.

Select all options and clean.

Updated on: 08/12/2021

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