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Cant join 7 days to die server

Still Starting Up

This is the most likely cause when you cannot join

7 days to die can take a-long time to startup when its doing its initial map generation.
Its not un-usual to see an 8k map taking 1-2 hours to fully generate, mods can effect this as-well.

You can tell if its still starting by looking in the log viewer, then stream the latest log.
it'l show for example:

INF Started thread RWG
INF WorldGenerator:Generating New Asove Valley
INF WorldGenerator:Generating Socket Data
INF [GSM] GameSparks Disconnected

We can see in this part its generating the Socket Data.

This is just one part of the create process, but is the bit that takes the longest and doesnt output anything into the log. So it can look like its not doing anything.

We can see when that part is finished, it'l show:

INF WorldGenerator:Socket data generation took 56 minutes 39 seconds
INF WorldGenerator:Generating Towns

We can see this particular generation took 56 minutes. The generating towns and other aspects of the map outputs data to the log so it is easier to see its still working. This bit is much quicker, usually 10-15 mins for an 8k map.

Then when its fully complete it'l show similar to:

INF StartGame done
INF [Steamworks.NET] GameServer.Init successful
INF [Steamworks.NET] Making server public
INF [Steamworks.NET] GameServer.LogOn successful.

After that the server should restart in around 5 mins for an 8k map

Updated on: 17/07/2020

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