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How to add mods to your 7 Days to Die server

Not all 7 days to die mods are the same so this may not apply to them all

7 days to die has the vast majority of its mods on Nexus Mods here

When choosing the mods you want its important you get it for the correct version of your 7 Days to Die server, this can be seen on the Files page, it may also say it in the description

7 days to die mod version

Now you have the mod you want, download it to your pc

Please note If the mod File contains DLL files Please use the FTP method.
Then login to the control panel and go into the file explorer. FTP can also be used if you prefer, and must be used for large mods

Create a folder called Mods

Upload the zip you downloaded and extract it in the Mods folder

For many mods this is all you need to do, however! if the creator has packed the mod differently, you may need to move things around or make changes to the zip first.

The file structure on the server must go Mods > modfoldername > .xml file and other mod files/folders

7 days to die mod file structure

If it doesnt look similar to this, for example maybe it goes Mods > Mods > modfoldername > .xml file and other mod files, you need to change it so it follows the correct structure.
Its simplest to do this on your computer

Extract the mod zip on your computer somewhere, change it so it goes in the correct structure

Re-zip it, upload and extract it into your Mods folder on the server

If you uploaded it before with the wrong structure, delete that version

What to do for different mods?

Not all mods work like this, if it has different steps the mod should tell you in its description, help or other information page and you should follow the steps it provides.

If the mod contains .dll files or you get an access denied error when uploading you wont be able to upload the mod yourself, this is because these files are dangerous and we need to check them before putting them on the server.

If you find it does or you get this, check in the Mod Manager in your game server control panel to see if we've set it up in here already.

Updated on: 04/03/2022

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