If you decide to edit your settings using the text editor. We recommend you continue to do this from then on wards. Using the configuration editor after adding custom settings will REMOVE all custom options in replacement for our default templates that the configuration editors use.

Before making any changes, please stop the server first.
You can edit your files using either the text editor or configuration editors depending on preference.

1) Login to your control panel with the details emailed to you.
2) Open your server and click Configuration Files
3) Click on "Configuration Editor" for the relevant configuration file you require.

Ark has two main settings files. Game.ini for advanced settings and GameUserSettings.ini for standard settings.
4) Once configured to your requirements, save, and start the server back up again.

What to do if the .INI file does not save with your settings?
Ensure the server is offline.
Ensure there are no errors in your settings.

If you find the commands are not saving after confirming and restarting your server you can attempt to do the following. Although we have not verified the need to do this, some users have reported finding it to work.

Login to your TCAdmin panel.
Click 'File Manager'
Click ShooterGame > Config and open the 'DefaultGameUserSettings.ini
Edit the file to your requirements.
Save and restart your server.

Command line settings
Some settings are enabled purely by command line. You can edit your active command line to turn off/on these settings using our command line configuration editor.

Click command line manager.
Click custom command lines.
If one exists you can edit it. Or make a new one.
One you set this how you require, click save.
Ensure you 'select' the command line so it shows in BOLD, indicating it is active.

Failure to 'select' the command line will result in the server using a default command line.

Should you need further assistance then please get in touch with us.
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