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How to enable a whitelist

Setting up a white-list for ARK allows you to join a password protected server without the need for the password and also join if the server is full ensuring you as the admin can join.

Log into the control panel here
Click the command line manager and edit your active command line.
In the 'Any other options' box enter -exclusivejoin

Click save.

Ensure your command line is selected if it is not already. It will be 'bold' if selected.

Go back to the main control panel screen and click 'Configuration Files'
Edit the 'PlayersJoinNoCheckList.txt' via text editor
Put the players Steam64ID you want to add to the whitelist in this file. One user ID per line.
Save the file and you are done.

You can also add them to this file ingame via the admin menu.

Updated on: 14/05/2019

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