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First Steps for your Space Engineers Server

Thank you for choosing us as your Space:Engineers Game Server host!

This article will explain common questions to help you get started, it covers:

Configuring your server
Creating/Uploading your map
Installing mods
Basic troubleshooting

Space Engineers Servers are updated on our end and will be run as soon as possible, this is to ensure everyone is updated due to the nature of Space Engineers!

Configuring your server

Configuring your Space Engineers server is a rather straight-forward process. Our SESM panel has one main area for most of your configuration.

Log in to your SESM Control Panel.
Once you've selected your server, you'll see Game Configuration this is where you'll see most of your options.

These options can cover anything from server name, message of the day to gameplay related settings, adding admins, changing block limits and adding mods. You can navigate each category of setting provided by SESM or use the All button to easily scroll down the page to have a bigger picture.

There will be specific settings you may want more clarity on and are covered in the following articles:
Add settings if SESM doesn't support it
Setting a password for your SE server
Setting your server to show up in the 'friends' field for your friends
Setting up your server to have steam group-only access
Changing Floating Object Count for your server
Disabling Cargo Ships and Exploration

Creating/Uploading your map

Creating and uploading your Space Engineers map is easy and straightforward! You'll mainly be using the Maps Manager in the SESM Panel for your maps. This is the only place where you should create/upload and select your maps.

Creating your map can be found in this article and has helpful tips for what each settings do.

Uploading your map can be found in this article and details some very important steps.

Installing Mods

Installing mods is rather simple and can be found in the Mods section in Game Configuration. Mods are created by the Space Engineers community to spice up the game. To add mods easily to your server follow the article here

However, you may find that adding too many mods may cause lag or that a certain mod may cause issues but you're not sure which one. This can happen at any time such as a mod update being pushed through or because of a game update. To help troubleshoot those problems please refer to this article here

Basic Troubleshooting

Space Engineers is a very difficult game to troubleshoot due to the nature of the game and how updates can cause issues with mods, configurations to even the world itself. Though there are some very basic steps and guides that we can provide to help you with those issues and perhaps give you more of an insight to how the game works.

We have a Do's and Don'ts article that can cover a few basic issues! Click here! It covers some genuinely helpful information and can even assist some experienced Space Engineers admins.

If you have a more specific problem here is a list of our Troubleshooting - Space Engineers articles.
12 Hours and No Server Details
Have not received your server details after order
Unable to login to the Space Engineers control panels
Control Panel: "Already Logged In"
Failed to download mods or the server is stuck starting
Space Engineers Server not showing up in-game
SE Crash: Attempted to write or read protected memory
Planets have disappeared or can not be seen
Clicking save in the game configuration does not save and How to get correct block ID for block limits.

Updated on: 28/09/2019

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