Transferring from another host to us?

We will setup everything for you, and remove the hassle of transferring using our free easy transfer add-on, which you can choose during your order. If you forget to choose it, no problem, just contact us after order and we can still do it.

To do this:
After your have ordered your game server from us, please go here and send the logins to your previous host and we will complete this for you, for free.

If it a sensitive password, please change it to something unique before sending it to us for extra security.

Not transferring from another host? But from your own computer or server?

We are happy to do this, but we do charge for this service. For the vast majority of cases this will be a small fee of $7, but if you have a complicated setup, with lots of mods, or other configuration, we may need to charge more.

Simply contact us after order of your game server
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