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Do's and Don'ts with your Space Engineers Game Server

We created this article to help you avoid some common mistakes and get the most out of your Space Engineers game server.

Please note, this is only advice. If you are an experienced admin, you may be able avoid doing this whilst still getting the experience you want.


Set a World Size Border Limit.

Setting a border stops the issue of ships continually floating off and increasing the world size and decreasing performance. You can always increase the border later!

Starting at 2000 is usually a good start. If you set the border too small, it wont procedurally generate, so you shouldn't set it lower than 1000.

Check your auto save interval after all changes and make sure it's not set to zero.

Perform regular cleanups.

Space Master (in-game menu) is not a suitable method for full cleanups, it is OK for the odd bit of cleaning during game-play. But you still need to do full cleanups with Torch to ensure the server is running at its best! Using Torch Commands to clean up your server can really help clear up some grids eating up your sim speed. These are ran in-game and Torch must be enabled for them to work!

Here are the basic commands:

!cleanup delete notype beacon This will run a cleanup for grids with no beacon
!cleanup delete floatingobjects This will delete floating objects loose in the world
!cleanup delete blocksgreaterthan (Number) This will delete blocks higher than the count given
!cleanup delete blockslessthan (Number) This will delete blocks lower than the count given

To further understand how to use Space Master and Torch better, follow this article!

When spawning in grids (ships or stations), spawn them in slowly and monitor after each spawn.

This is because if you start to lag, after spawning a certain ship, you can then identify the cause of the lag to be that ship and remove it, or investigate it further.

Spawning in ships can also cause lag for other players, warning them can help against complaints!

Make all edits ONLY via the map manager and game configuration. Unless there's a setting that SESM doesn't have. However our SESM Panel will update to add that setting as soon as possible! To add settings click here.

We have designed our panel so you can easily do things without the need to manually touch the files via the file explorer. The only need for the file explorer is for Torch plugin configurations, and to view the log files.

Contact us if you experience any issues!

We have a great deal of knowledge and experience with Space Engineers and will be able to help resolve any issue you have.


Remove all maps from the Map Manager and ensure that there is always one map present at all times.

Turn Torch on/off whilst the server is running, starting up or shutting down.

Please make sure the server is fully offline before changing this option

Delete any files or change settings whilst the server is running.

Add too many mods at one time.

Mods sometimes can cause problems, adding them slowly can help you troubleshoot any issues that pop up. Reading mod descriptions and checking discussions or comments on the mods for any recent issues might also help you save time!

Turn auto re-spawn ship delete off and then not perform regular cleanups.

This will cause a "backlog" of re-spawn ships decreasing performance.

Avoid uploading single player generated worlds.

Although this can work fine, there is a higher chance of their being problems with these maps.

It is better to create a new map, then spawns your grids using blueprints.

Don't delete or replace the SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg file.

Our system will most likely have differences to wherever the cfg you have is from. Uploading it to replace the one there will therefore break the configuration and the server and can cause undesirable issues!

Either contact us and we'll transfer your settings, or transfer the settings manually via the configuration editor.

Updated on: 01/10/2019

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