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First Steps for your Atlas Game Server

Thank you for choosing us for your Atlas game server!

If you only have one server and just want to get started asap, you only need to read point 1 and 2 and then the help on how to join at the bottom

Important Info / Tips, Please Read!

After a short period, usually 2-10 mins you'll receive an email with the login details to your control panel and that your server has been setup. You may receive this email before its finished, at which point you'll get a "Processing" notice when you try to do anything, please wait, and it will complete.

Before you can join the server, you must stop the server, and click the "Start/Stop Database" button, you can then start the server again, wait a few mins for it to startup, then you'll be able to join

If you have ordered more than one server, please see our help article: How to Link/Cluster Atlas Game Servers

The server is setup default to use 4x4 map, so you can have up to 16 servers on this map. You can have any amount, you dont need the full amount, and you can add / reduce at any time.

You can upload your own custom map if you wish, but the server is all-ready to go as-is

As this is a new game, our control panel config for it is new and therefore we may be missing features. Please just contact us. if you notice anything and we'll add it!

This game is in Early Access, so please be aware that there may very well be bugs and issues with the game that are completely outside of our control.

If you need any help, just contact us. :)

Troubleshooting issues

Server can't be joined, is stuck 350MB ram

You need to stop the server and start the database by clicking the "Start/Stop Database" button

How do i configure the server

We cover this in a separate article: How to Configure your Atlas Server

How do i join the server?

The best way is via Steam favourites:

In Steam, click View > Servers

Then the Favourites tab

Then click the "Add a server" button

Enter the Query Info of your server (as shown in the control panel) into the "Add a server" box.

Click "Add this address to favourites"

Click "Refresh" You must refresh even if you see your server already

You will then see your server and you can select it and click Connect. We recommend opening Atlas before clicking join.

If you have any issues, we're here to help, contact us.

Updated on: 04/02/2019

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