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How to Configure your Atlas Server

This article will explain how an Atlas server is setup and how to set its settings and alter it to your desire.

Please note: your server is ready to be turned on and used straight from creation, the below things only need to be done if you want to make changes.

First it's important to understand Grids.

Each server is set to a grid area of the Atlas map. By default it is on 0,2. But you can change this, and if you have multiple serves, it'l be different per server.

You can view a picture of the 4x4 Atlas map below, it contains 16 grid areas (each square is 1 grid), so you can link up to 16 servers on it.

Please note, this may not be the full Atlas map on the official servers, it is just the 4x4 map that Atlas provides. You can create and use your own custom map should you wish.

How do i set which grid area the server uses?

This is set in the command line. But you also have to set some things in the servergrid.json file, so keep reading!

In the control panel, select the server you want to edit from the Game Services list (you'll see a button on the left hand side)

Then click the Commandline Manager

Click the "New" button

Set a description. You must not have special characters in it, and must be 15 characters or less.

The settings below the Description box, are what sets the grid that server runs on. For example, if you want to have that server running on 0,4 (using the above image to see), then you'd set:

- Save Folder: 04
- Grid X Value: 0
- Grid Y Value: 4

Once set, click save

You must then click the "Select" button to select the newly created command line!


If you've already created a character on the active database, you must have the server online that contains that player.

Multiple connected servers must have their grids next to each other.

With 2 servers, you can effectively explore the map fully, by starting on one server, transferring your characters to the other server / grid area of the map, then making the old server the new area of the map, repeat whilst you move around the world.

Completing the change of server grid

You must make sure that the ServerGrid.json file has the following settings set for that grid area.

You can see in the below image that it states the grids x and y values at the top of the marked settings, so you would scroll down the file, or using the find function in your browser to look for the grid area that server uses.

You can get the above marked settings by clicking the "Show Important Info" button. Other than the name, which you can set to whatever you like. Its your public server name.

If you have multiple linked servers, the servergrid.json file must be identical on all of the servers! So if you make changes to one, you must copy them to the others. It's best to just set them how you like on your master server, then you can simply copy the contents of the file to the other servers.

To set the server name

You do this in the servergrid.json file.

Find the section of the file, that has the settings for the grid area you want to set the name for. You can see the grid area settings here:

You will then see the "Name" setting, you can set this to anything, its your public server name.

When you change anything in the servergrid.json file, and you have a multi-server setup, you MUST copy it to the others, they must be identical.

How to Set any other settings

If you have a default server setup

In the control panel, click the Configuration Files button

Click the "Text Editor" for the GameUserSettings.ini file. Which you can set your settings in.

If you have a multi-server or non-default server setup

In the control panel, click the File Manager button

Navigate to ShooterGame > Saved > (the name of your save folder set in the command line) > Config > Windows Server.

You can then click the Edit icon to edit these. You can also click the Star icon to make the file show up in the Configuration Files area for quicker access.

You should seek Atlas documentation for the settings to set in these files and what they do. We have found limited documentation on it ourselves, but we know many settings are the same as ARK, which you can view here.

Updated on: 04/02/2019

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