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How to Link/Cluster Atlas Game Servers

This article will explain the process to link more than one Atlas game server together so you can complete the Atlas map.

If you don't already have any Atlas game servers, you can rent them here.

Before you start

You must have more than one Atlas game server with us, they should all be on the same dedicated server so we may need to transfer them if not.

This applies to the default 4x4 map we have setup, if you are using a custom map, the steps will be relatively the same, but may differ on some parts.

All servers must be running the same Atlas version! If an update has been released, you must update them all.

This may seem complex, but its not so bad. Follow the steps precisely and you should be fine setting it up to link perfectly. We do offer a setup service should you wish us to do it for you for $7, just contact us.

How to link:

Pick one of your Atlas servers with us to be your master. If you've played on any of your Atlas servers, it should be one of those you've already played on, if you got multiple straight away, you can pick any.

Make sure all Atlas game servers are stopped

On the master server:

Click the Configuration Files button
Click Text Editor for the ServerGrid.ServerOnly.json file
Copy the entire contents (ctrl + a to select all the text, then ctrl + c to copy)

On all your other Atlas game servers:

Click Configuration Files
Click Text Editor for the ServerGrid.ServerOnly.json file
Delete the entire contents of the file.
Do ctrl + v, or right click > Paste, to paste the entire contents you copied in step 2, into the file.
Click save

Back on the master server

Click Configuration Files
Click Text Editor for ServerGrid.json
Scroll down and look for the area that starts "servers" : {
This is where you set the details for all the servers

Before we proceed, take a look at the image below:

This image shows the default 4x4 map, each square represents one server.

By default the server is setup on 0,2 (the third one down on the left) as this is a Freeport area of the map, also setup as default as a home server (one you can spawn at), you should leave the master server running on grid area 0,2

When you purchase and add additional servers, you must have them expand from that point, but in any direction or shape you want

So for example a good setup would be: you have the master server on 0,2 , then additional servers on 0,3, 0,1 and 0,0. Then when you go north or south from the Freeport (home server) you'll move into the other servers and areas of the map. This gives you a server on each of the environments; Tundra, Temperate, Equatorial and Desert.

So now you know the map, back in the ServerGrid.json, you'll see at the parts of the code that shows gridX and gridY this shows the start of the server details that will control that area of the map.

Set for each grid area, the ip `port` gamePort `seamlessDataPort` values for the server you want to control that area. Click the "Show Important Info" button on each game server in your control panel to show what those are for each each server.

Also set the name value so you can identify each server, this value will be the publicly shown name of that server. For example you could have: My Atlas Server Free Port for 0,2 and My Atlas Server Tundra for 0,4

Once you've set the values for the servers you have for the areas of the map you want, click save.

One server can only run one square (grid area) of the map, you must not have the same details in other areas, it must be one server per one grid area. For areas that you do not have servers for, just leave the values as they are

You can set up to 16 servers on this one 4x4 map, you can have even more with a custom map. You don't need 16 servers though, you can have just one, 2 or three etc and only enter the details for the areas you want to use, and expand whenever you wish.

Now, copy the entire contents of this file.

On all your other Atlas servers

Click the Configuration Files buttons
Click Text Editor for the ServerGrid.json file
Delete the entire contents of the file
Paste the entire contents that you copied at the end of step 4.
Click save

Start the Database

On the master server that you chose in step 1, click the "Start/Stop Database" button, make sure it shows that the server has started. If it says its stopped, just click it again to start it.

On all your other servers

Click the Commandline Manager button
Click "New"

In here:

- Set a description at the top.

It can have spaces, but must not have special characters (! - _ # etc), and must not be too long

- Set the Save Folder value

It should be the format of what area of the map the server is running, for example, if that server is running 0,1 set 01 as the value

- Set the GridX and GridY value

For example if that server is running 0,1, set 0 as the Grid X value and 1 as the Grid Y Value

Click Save

Click Select IMPORTANT Many people forget this step, you must select your newly created command line!

Start the servers

You can now start all your servers, and if done correctly will all be perfectly linked up!

Join your server

The easiest / quickest way is through Steam server browser

In Steam, click View > Servers

Then the Favourites tab

Then click the "Add a server" button

Enter the Query Info into this box for your master server

Click "Add this address to favourites"

Click "Refresh" You must refresh even if you see your server already

You will then see your server and you can select it and click Connect. We recommend opening Atlas before clicking join.


Some servers are stuck around 350MB RAM.

This happens if there's a problem with that servers database connection, to fix:

Stop the effected servers

Copy and paste the entire contents of the ServerGrid.ServerOnly.json file on the master, into the ServerGrid.ServerOnly.json file on the server/s that have the problem

This happens if you've already created a player on another server and are joining a different server. To fi:

Just click the Accept button that shows under this notice, and you'll join automatically the server that your character is located on

Shut down one server, and tried to join another, but i cant.

This happens when you've created a player, or your player is located, on the server that's been shut down, to fix:

Turn the server that you shut down back on again, and move your character to another server.

If you no longer have that server, you will have to wipe your database and start over. This will delete all players, there is no currently known way to remove your character data from the database without a full wipe. To wipe the database; stop all servers and stop the click the "Wipe Redis Database" button on your master server.

Updated on: 06/03/2022

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