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How to Upgrade or Downgrade

To ensure the service we provide to you meets your full requirements, we will in most cases offer the ability to change certain options.

To upgrade or downgrade

Log-in to your client area

Go to Services > My Services

Pick the relevant server you wish to upgrade/downgrade.

Choose Upgrade/Downgrade or Upgrade/Downgrade Options depending on what you are looking to upgrade

Then pick the upgrade/downgrade that you want and follow the onscreen instructions.

We are usually very flexible when it comes to upgrades/downgrades, if you're looking for example, to achieve more power or more/less slots, or something else that we don't list in the upgrades/downgrades area. Please do contact us and we can find a solution that meets your requirements.

What happens after an upgrade / downgrade has been submitted

An invoice will be generated and you will need to make payment for an amount depending on the time left on your current billing period and the upgrade/downgrade chosen.

You only pay the difference between your current and new options, for the remaining time on your current period at that time.

We will then process this upgrade/downgrade.

Depending on the options chosen, it may be:

Changed automatically by our system which may restart your server. Ensure the server is safe to restart before doing upgrades/downgrades.
Changed by us manually when we see no-one is on the server
We will contact you to schedule the change in.

Updated on: 25/01/2022

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