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ARK: Survival Evolved Panel RCON

We happy to announce that we now have a way for you to send RCON commands to the server directly from the control panel!

First, you must install "Panel RCON" via the mod manager in the control panel.

You will then be able to use the "Panel RCON" button.

When clicking this, you will see 2 areas, one for your Admin Password, other for the command you want to send. The Admin Password, is the same as admin password you have set in the GameUserSettings file. If you haven't changed it, the one you set during signup.

Example Commands

broadcast messagehere

This sends a message to the server, useful for warnings before restarts but can be missed as it is like a MOTD style message.

serverchat messagehere

This sends a message to the servers chat and shows in chat history. Displays as big yellow text.


Saves the world, same as the auto save, but doing it on demand. Good to be done before stopping the server.

settimeofday hh:mm:ss

Sets the time of the day, replace hh with the hour, mm with the minute, and ss with seconds. E.g. 06:30:00


This destroys all wild dinos and allows them to respawn, good to be done for performance reasons occasionally or to clear bugged dino spawns. Server will freeze if you run this while it completes

You can find more commands here.

Please note, not all commands work via RCON.

You can schedule these commands to run automatically.

Using Scheduled Tasks. For full guidance see this article: Using the Task Scheduler

Updated on: 08/06/2020

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