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7 days to die Alpha 20 changes to world design and other settings.

With the release of the Alpha 20 experimental branch, there have been some changes to the random world generation and sizes.

There are currently 3 new sizes that are officially supported with the other world generations removed.

World sizes are 6k 8k and 10k map generation sizes.

Maps should not be generated outside of these ranges until the developers update this due to feedback.

Custom Maps can still be uploaded into your custom worlds folder located below.

custom folder

Please use the client world generation tools only for new custom maps. Kinggen is not currently supported with the experimental builds.

If you want to change custom map settings, the new RWG tool allows you to change this in your client and then upload a map. It has similar features to kinggen world generation including Towns, wilderness POIs, lakes & rivers, and types of terrain. Please use that tool on any maps you wish to upload or there will be issues with spawn points, underwater terrain, or other various bugs.

Mod support is up to the authors creating mods. All mods are not working and checking the dates of their last update is crucial

Mods must say Alpha 20 or have a release date after December 6th, 2021.

Any mods released before this date or not updated to alpha 20 WILL crash your server with reading errors. This will prevent your server from working.

Other Bugs

This build is currently an experimental build which means it is not stable. There are going to be FPS drops due to sleeper volumes in the new POIs. Mods that alter zombie counts from default or hard edits of configuration files will sometimes produce issues also.

There are currently bugs with animations on some zombies "waking up" during sleep volume spawns.

There are currently reported memory leaks, stuttering issues, and landmass missing textures on some of the new block shapes.

As with any newly released alpha of games, there are going to be bugs and problems. Be patient, report bugs you find to the developers, and please bare in mind that experimental means it is not going to be a smooth ride until they patch in optimizations and fixes for the issues.

Updated on: 09/12/2021

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