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Tips for streaming gameplay as an influencer

Are you a ServerBlend Influencer? Or are you starting to stream your content for an audience and are new to streaming? Or are you a veteran streamer who just wants to brush up? This article might help you with a few tips and tricks to improve your content for your streaming audience to help you build up a following.

Tip 1 Engage your Audience

Ever listen to a streamer who is ignoring their community? It happens often and a lot of the time the chat can get hectic if you are building up a sizeable audience. Try to pay attention to your chat. Remember when you are streaming you are basically on performance. The audience viewing you is there for entertainment purposes and to be part of the show. They enjoy watching your content and want to be a part of it. Hold giveaways if possible. Many companies will give you gift codes if you reach out to them if you are promoting their products during a stream. Use this to your advantage to engage your community. A good streamer will not only try to play the game their community enjoys watching but will ask them questions and answer their chat, even the harder questions.

Plan out your stream as much as possible

Planning out how long you plan to stream and the content you plan to produce is a good way to stick to a schedule and keep your community engaged. Having certain times for giveaways or promotions will really help you manage your time. If you have a very active community setting aside a question/answer time will also help you manage the chat that can be overwhelming at times.
Just going in freestyling can lead to times that run over and other times that are underwhelming or you cannot get something done that was a planned part of the stream.

Use promotions to monetize your stream

A good streamer uses their stream to advertise for certain products they can get behind. Partnering with other companies to promote their products not only allows you to earn money from affiliate links and codes but also promotes a product you might enjoy using yourself. Earning you extra income for a passion you enjoy doing is a smart way to help pay for some of your expenses. A good rule of thumb with this is to promote only a few products at first, managing your time wisely. Never overdo it or your community will assume you are just in this to make money. Be creative with how you talk about the products you are promoting. Always remember your community is intelligent people and will know if you are just trying to sell something to them.

Play a role

Think of yourself as an actor/actress playing a role in a movie. Stick to it from show to show. Ever notice the highest-paid streamers stick to the same personality traits week to week? There is a reason for this and that is consistency. Some streamers earned their fame by being the best at their game of choice but how does a streamer just starting out build their community? Sticking to a role is a good way to build an audience. The people who joined your stream enjoyed your tone, demeanor, and content so sticking to that week to week is a smart way of building a community.

Play more than one game

Many successful streamers have set days each week they play certain games. This technique is a great way to really build up your audience. Let's face it, many people across the world do not just play one game. There are way too many choices nowadays for that. Platforms like steam have made it easy and cheap to own multiple games you enjoy playing. To capitalize on this set of days each week you stream one game and another day doing another.

Do not discuss fiery issues or use provocative language

Ever hear the saying do not discuss religion or politics? Live by that example even if it's an issue that you are passionate about. Remember people are there to watch your game and engage with them. They did not sign up to watch and follow you to hear about your world views. Everyone has their own world views and you should always try to value others' opinions. Many a good streamer has gone the route of saying something provocative to parts of their community, only to alienate them for having an opposing view on something unrelated to gaming. Politics is a hot-button issue right now that many people are digging in about, so always try to remember that. Also, try and avoid provocative language, keeping it clean is the best way to capitalize on the largest audience.

Show passion in what you are doing

If you do not look like you are having fun your audience is going to instantly pick up on that. Try to always sound like you are having fun and do not make excuses on why you are not. Remember most of your community is there because they play the game themselves or are interested in playing it. If they see you are not having fun they will watch someone who is. Try to also avoid being overly critical of the game you are streaming even if you are frustrated by it. Always remember your audience is watching you, not just your game so try and have some fun!

I hope these general tips will help you as you grow your streaming career. These are just general tips and tricks for the industry. There is in no way a one size fits all approach. Being as creative as possible with how you handle your streams will go a very long way in creating your own niche in the community. If you are looking to be a sponsored streamer please submit a ticket on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know about our affiliates and sponsorships.

Updated on: 14/12/2021

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