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How to promote your Rust game server

We often hear about people growing their communities, and it's fantastic to hear about the growth, but likewise, we hear about the failings too!

Whilst each game has an ingame list, they can not be relied upon for growth. Server lists often fail to show every game server and this is extremely true for Rust. The ingame list never pulls every game server into the game client. They only pull in a select number based on each players location. We spoke to the developers about this and you can read all about it here.

Ensure to take finding players into your own hands! We hope these tips will help you get your community growing!

Create a social media page/website/discord.

These are great ways to advertise your site and ensure all the information you want to have available is present. On top of this, you have a route to promote and grow your community. Social media is fantastic for finding players, as is running a discord server. In turn, this will also help you keep in touch, and communicate with your new followers, run competitions and even special events!

Advertise on server listing sites.`

There are many serer listing sites out there on the internet. Each with its design and functions. Many will have paid features to show up the server up the lists or even a voting function to let your players vote for your server.

Advertise on the games forum/Reddit.

Each game has an official medium for community purposes, be it the official forums or discord. Reach out and shout about your game servers!

Important tips for Rust admins.

Avoid admin abuse and accusations at all cost.
Ensure active, friendly and responsive administrators.
Never falsify your player numbers, community listing or other functions.

Whilst these are a natural given we often hear about mis-use of admin and troubles that follow from it. Avoid these mistakes from the get-go and ensure your admin team are reliable and enforce your community goals! There is nothing worse than a rogue admin!

If you falsify your player numbers, or list in the community lists whilst using plugins that are not permitted as admin plugins will cause FacePunch to ban your servers IP for breaching their terms of use.

Always comply with their rules on plugin usage in the community lists.

These will ruin your community and should be avoided at all costs. Do not fall into the trap just to gain some players that will not find your server once its black listed.

Facepunch are very strict on what is against their terms of use. Contact them for more guidance.

Know of something we did not cover here? Let us know!

Updated on: 16/08/2021

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