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Suggestions for mixing things up and keeping things fresh for your community.

In this article we would like to cover some things that you as a server owner can do to make your community active, engaged, and fresh. Every server owner goes through some downtime where content gets stale or played so much. Let's face it developers cannot code and add content as fast as us gamers devour it. The average patch might take 3 to 6 months to create, only to have its players burn through it in a few short days. These simple steps can add a lot of extra hours of content for your players to enjoy.

Tip 1 - Add some mods

Mod creators have much more freedom to go outside of the "lore" of the game or not worry about balance like a normal developer would. This can really open up creative freedom and a vast amount of new content. In all of the games, we host there are tons of mods available to download either through our mod manager or the steam workshop. Try to look for updated mods that stay current with the recent patches from the company so you do not run into any conflicts along the way. Also, try to read up about the mods you are interested in adding. Does it change the structure of the overall server? Does it make things too overpowered? If you want as close to a "vanilla" experience try and keep the mods to quality of life mods that just enhance the original game.

Tip 2 - Allow your players to vote on mods

Engaging your community is a great way to make players feel like their voices count. When looking into mods and having a few you want to add allow a straw poll or vote count for your players. This also can gauge if you and your players are all on the same page when it comes to what you want to add content-wise. It's always counterproductive to think you know what your player base wants only to have them disinterested in playing anymore on your servers because you assumed they would like something because it's popular.

Tip 3 - Actively hold events

This is a great way to keep content fresh. Even in the slow times, a well-planned event can really boost your players to become actively engaged. Just make sure not to offer rewards that seem unfair to others. This is why seasonal events usually are cosmetic in nature. Most developers are aware not everyone can log in during the time of these events and do not want to create an unfair advantage. Some examples of events can be scavenger hunts, spawned in world boss server-wide fights, or even contests for best bases. Adding this sort of content is great as it gives additional goals to work towards for your players.

Tip 4 - Plan ahead for content droughts and try to do any of the above steps

Planning for times you know the player base will not be as active between patches can go a very long way to keep your community engaged. Some communities even go as far as fresh server wipes, especially if it's an active PVP community. Well, planned time sinks for your players can actually benefit engagement, but it's something to always use with caution. Some players want to try out different base builds or locations. Others might just want to keep adding onto their structures and do not want to fight over a location they got to first. Always ask your community for input, most have their own opinions and ideas and you can really build off their creativity.

I hope after reading this you find some ideas on how to keep your server fresh and your population of players actively engaged. These tips have led to very active communities on our servers. We really hope your server is the next large community with an active and engaging player base.

Updated on: 18/11/2021

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