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Some tips on keeping your player base active and engaged.

Every good server owner thinks it once in a while - What can I do to keep my player base engaged and happy. How can I not only grow my player base but help to make sure no one leaves or becomes inactive? Starting up a new community on a game you have a passion for can be really hard at times, especially with so many other well-established communities in most games nowadays. Let's face it, gaming is a huge hobby now for so much of the planet. What can you do to stand out and keep your players happy? Here we can share a few tips from being in this hobby business for a long time and what we observed through our own communities.

Tip 1 - Be Active

This would seem like something obvious since it's your passion also. The issue is at times everyone burns out or wants a break. The issue with being a server owner is the balancing act of being able to sit back and enjoy your own hobby but also tend to the wants of your players. Try to stay active and engaged which leads to our second tip. If you do not have a lot of playing time try to at least be accessible during the peak time your player base is active.

Tip 2 - Engage your community

A good server owner is willing to not just make their own game fun but also take feedback from other members of their community. Keep the player base engaged in the decision process. You do not have to allow everyone to have a say in everything but making your community feel like they are valuable will earn you both respect and trust from strangers you just met from across the world.
Actively talk to them and get to know them. Help out if there is a challenge they cannot do alone. Even provide voting and polls on different subjects to allow them to engage.

Tip 3 - Hold Events

This tip here is looked over quite a bit of the time. Good server owners set up challenges that the community as a whole can tackle and face together. This not only brings in teamwork but also allows new bonds to be built. Create boss battles that anyone can participate in or create something passive like a scavenger hunt. The sky is the limit with your creativity. These might start out small but the more people take notice the more you will earn your player's respect and trust.

Tip 4 - Do not show favoritism

This can be a tricky one especially if your family and close friends play with you or a player has been with you since day one. It's important to always remember new players or outsiders will always feel like they are looking in when you show favoritism. Giving out loot for example will make everyone not included desire for that same treatment. Only doing challenges in your game with a certain group of people makes everyone else feel less desired to play with. In some situations like a PVP clan/tribe server there are exceptions to this rule but for the most part, try to include your entire community in activities.

Tip 5 - Remove toxic people quickly

This is often overlooked by even the best server owners. You always have one person who just cannot play by the rules or their attitude is overly negative. Create a three-strike rule and stick to it, even if that player is very good and active. Sometimes people project their negativity and do not often realize it, which can lead to others quickly getting tired of having to listen to unconstructive feedback and tone. Start with a warning using discord or a private chat and be as nice as possible about it. If that does not work let them know they are on thin ice. Always try and remember that one person with a negative attitude can make a lot of players who just want to have fun and relax after a hard day's work quit. Do not allow anyone to use exploits or break the rules you set. This can lead to others feeling like they can do the same thing.

Following these simple steps can make your community happy and engaged. Which will lead to players remaining with your community for a very long time even some transcending games and building friendships. This is a wonderful time to be in this hobby as it grows more and more each year. You as a server owner can build some great bonds with your community members and nurture your server growth for many years to come.

Updated on: 18/11/2021

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