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Switching from ARK automated mod management to workshop browser

Some ARK:Survival Evolved mods can have trouble when installing by the default -automanagaedmods option.

For example:

Unable to place modded items.
Unable to learn modded engrams.
Server does not load modded map.

Due to how auto manage mods installs the files it causes issues with certain mods.

A couple of mods we are aware of that have issues:

- Castles, Keeps and forts.
- AutomatedArk Mods.

The solution is to stop using automated mod management so you must convert to using the workshop browser tool.

If you install mods using the workshop browser and have -automanagedmods enabled to you may have issues as described here. Following these steps will help in these cases to.

Guidance below will support you in completing this cleanly.

Stop the server. Take any backups you require.
Click the command line settings icon and edit your command line.
Turn off (Untick) auto managed mods and remove the mod ID's.

 ===== Image shows command line with auto managed mods turned on with mod ID's=====

Save it the command line.
Use the delete all mod files icon on the panel.
In the workshop browser (installed) icon, if you have mods showing you can reinstall them. Alternatively if it is empty you can install mods using the blue Workshop browser icon.
Once all are installed you can carry on using the server as normal. If you require a certain load order you can change this in the GameUserSettings.ini

We recommend creating a collection in all cases so you can provide the mods to your community in one complete list. The workshop browser all supports installing modded collections. You can create a collection by following this article: Creating A Steam Collection

Updated on: 10/06/2020

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