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How to upload and select maps for your Garrys Mod Server

Thank you for choosing us as your Garry's Mod Game Server Host!

This guide will help you upload and select maps for your Garrys Mod Server

You can download maps locally on the official garrys mod site for maps or use the steam workshop to download the maps. However using steam workshop will require you to unpack the addon file. A guide to unpacking and adding addon files can be found here

Log in to your TCAdmin panel here
Make sure that your server is stopped.
Click file manager and navigate to \garrysmod\maps\
When you're in the maps folder, click upload at the top

You'll be able to upload the file directly. The file type you are looking for will be a .bsp file for example "RP_EvoCity_v2d.bsp"
Remember that if you've unpacked the workshop addon for the bsp file, this'll be within the folder that was included after unpacking, in your install directory/garrysmod/addons

Selecting The Map
Click on Command Line Manager
Select Custom Commandlines and add your preferences.
Make sure to select the map you recently added.
Save the commandline, then select it in the commandline manager.
Start the server

Updated on: 23/08/2021

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