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How to connect to a Garry's Mod server with a password

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This guide will help you connect to your pass worded Garry's Mod server

If you are unable to connect to your Garry's Mod server after setting a password for it, this quick guide will help you:

If your console doesn't open when pressing the tilde key then you may have a non-English keyboard lay-out. In order to activate console without needing to press the tilde key you can do the following: steam -> My games -> Garry's Mod -> Properties -> Set Launch Options -> then type -console and save. It should automatically open the console on opening Garry's Mod

Open up Garry's Mod and then use the console by pressing the tilde key ~, this should be just under your escape button.
In the text box of the console type connect ip:port; password serverpasswordhere

Remember to replace IP with the serer IP and PORT with the server port as displayed in TCAdmin.

Updated on: 23/08/2021

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