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How to set your Garry's Mod Servers game mode

Thank you for choosing us as your Garry's Mod Game Server Host!

This guide will help set your default Garry's Mod game mode.

You may find that to use an addon for it's game mode option, such as DarkRP, you would need to change the servers default game mode so that it'll always load up as that game mode.

You will need the addon for said game mode and have it loaded on your server to do this. Here's a guide to do that right here.

Log in to your TCAdmin panel here.
Click on File Manager, head to the 'garrysmod' folder and then into 'cfg'

Edit the autoexec.cfg, where it says 'gamemode sandbox' replace 'sandbox' with the gamemode name in quotations. For example if you wanted a prophunt server, change it to gamemode "prop_hunt"

If you do not have the addon that the gamemode needs, the server will default to sandbox or not start!

Updated on: 04/03/2022

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