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How to add addons to your Garry's Mod Server

Thank you for choosing us as your Garry's Mod Game Server Host!

This guide will help add addons to your Garry's Mod server.

To add addons to your server you will need:

A .gma extractor such as Gmad. (This should be in your Garry's Mod Directory)
The addons already downloaded locally on your PC

Installing the addons

You would want to choose what addons you'd like via the workshop and install them.
Once installed you must go to your Garry's Mod install location, do this by right clicking Garry's Mod in your Steam Library, Properties, Local Files and then Browse Local Files.
Click on GarrysMod folder and then Addons you'll be met with a few .gma files named after the addons you just installed, these need to be unpacked for your server to recognise them:

Extracting the addons

Firstly you need to locate Gmad.exe this should be in the Bin folder, the same area as the garrysmod folder you recently used.
Use the search tool in windows to find it, then from your addons folder drag and drop the .gma files onto the gmad.exe file in the bin folder.

A command prompt window should open, let it do its work.

Once finished, you should see a folder inside your Addons folder named after the .gma file you just unpacked.

Please check if any of your addons contain any .dll files. These will not be up-loadable via ftp or file manager and could cause an addon to break. Please submit a ticket relating to the service about the addon you wish for us to add.

Placing the addons

For a server, you'll typically have many addons. This can be time-consuming to do when using our File Manager because you'll have to zip each folder and then upload it. It's suggested to use FTP for the next step.

Unsure of how to use FTP to connect to your server? Head over here to know how!

Connect to your server via FTP, navigate to your servers garrysmod folder ready.
In your local addons folder, open up the folders, for example we'll use the scopes pack. Inside it should be folders like this:

Drag and drop those folders into your servers garrysmod folder and let it all run through.
Once done, boot up your server to see if it has worked fine.

Updated on: 04/03/2022

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