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How To Uninstall Your ARK Mods (Client-Side)

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How To Uninstall Your Ark Mods

In most scenarios, you would get a version mismatch if the server-side mods were out of date. But this is not always the case, you could be a version behind or Steam could of missed the download, or you've set them to not update. In a rare case the mod may have issues from the initial download or a recent download and you're unable to join your own server. It's usually best to uninstall all your mods. Here's how:

Unsubscribe from your workshop mods for ARK

You should make a collection beforehand so you can easily re-subscribe to them later, follow how to on this guide here

Head to your ARK install directory's mod folder: DISK:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods (DISK = Drive letter of where ARK is installed, so in most cases C:\)

You'll see all your mod ids, delete all of them ( Including the .mod files ) except TheCenter, Ragnarok and Valguero - Unless you're also wanting to re download those to be sure too.

Now head to your workshop downloads directory for ARK: DISK:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\workshop\content\346110

Delete all of these and then re-subscribe to your ARK mods and let them download through steam.
Open up ARK, and wait till the installing x mod text at the bottom right finishes.
You should now test joining the server and see if this helps fix the problem!

Updated on: 06/05/2020

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