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How to revert to a prior save

To revert to a previous save file you can follow these steps.

Step 1 Follow the correct path to the location your save files

File Explorer

Shooter Game


saved arks

Once inside the correct folder, you will want to find the current save being used. This is easy to spot because it's usually first in the row and named the map you are using with just. Ark at the end of it. Any other files will have longer names and numbers in the saves as they are just backup files.

Correct Save

Once this is located rename this file to something different so it is not the save anymore being used by Ark. You can name this to anything really as long as it's before the.Ark file extension (IE Fjordur111222old.ark)

Now locate the save you want to use, they will all have numbers and times, and dates on them you can view on the right portion of the file explorer. You want to look for the date modified and it will show you when that save was last modified and the time.

replace the save

Now you just can right-click to rename that file to the main save file being used. (IE fjordur.ark)

Then you just restart the server and your old save backup is now working as your main one.

Updated on: 05/07/2022

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