With our ARK: Survival Evolved game servers, enabling any of the DLC maps is a very simple process. We support all DLC

Make sure the server is fully stopped, as well as updated using the Steam Update button in the control panel

Go to the command line manager and look for the command lines with the DLC Map you want in the command line description. There are multiple pages, so you will need to check them all.

If you don't see it, please contact us and we will add it.

Click Select to the right hand side of the command line for the DLC and click the Apply button.

If you chose the + Custom Options version of the command line, add any additional options into the box that is shown before clicking apply.

Start the server!


The server stops itself and you get an email alert saying the server has changed to 70 slots, or it shows ShooterEntry in steam server browser.

Possible Causes:

The server is missing files, usually from Steam update not completing fully
An incorrectly set command line
An incorrectly installed mod

To fix missing files/70 slot warning

Make sure the server is stopped

Run the steam update again

Wait for the steam update is complete, and make sure it completes successfully without any error. If you experience an error, wait a 30 mins and try again, if it fails again. Contact support

Click the Configuration Files button in the control panel

Click the text editor next to the GameUserSettings.ini file

Scroll down to the MaxPlayers= setting, and set it back to your purchased slot count

Save and start the server.

For incorrectly installed mod or incorrect command line

Please remove any custom options you have set in the command line
Please remove any mods

If the issue is then resolved, it will confirm that one of those are the issue, please contact us with information of how you set the command line and/or any mods you installed and we will investigate further.
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