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How to Configure ARK: Survival Evolved Command Line

New Update!

As of the 5th January 2019, we've released a brand new way to create and edit your command line through easy check boxes and drop downs.

To Create:

Login to the control panel and stop your server if it is not already.

On the game server you want to edit, click the "Command Line Manager"

Click the "New" button

You will then see the new interface, choose the options you want, remembering to set a description for your new command line in the Description box at the top, then click "Save" at the bottom once done.

The description does not accept special characters ( - _ £ ! . etc... ), you must only use letters, numbers or spaces, and it must not be too long. Using a special character or making it too long will result in it not saving or/and disappearing.

After saving, then click the "Select" button to select the command line, it will then turn bold to confirm its selected.

You may then start the server!

If you have any issues, do contact us, as its an update to our panel there are chances for issues we have not seen.

Updated on: 26/07/2020

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