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How do I update my ARK:Survival Evolved server?

Although not 100% necessary, you should always take a backup before updating.

Click the Mod Manager button on the dashboard for the server in question and install the World and User Backup system by clicking "Install" on the right hand side.

Go back to the main dashboard for that game server and stop it

Click the Backup Save Data button, make sure it completes successfully without any errors! If you get an error, connect support using the buttons at the bottom of this page

Updating the Server

When on the dashboard for the server you want to update, click the "Game Server Update" button

Wait until it completes, it can take a varying amount of time depending on the size of the update, how many other servers are updating at the same time and the speed of the Steam network.

When it completes, check through the console and make sure there aren't any errors.

Start the server

Please note, it will not update the version shown in the control panel straight away, this version is taken via query, your server must be online for some time until this will update. You can look in Steam server browser favourites for the version straight away after the server has stared up fully.

Updated on: 07/01/2020

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