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Changing Gathering, Taming and XP Multipliers on your ARK server

Follow these steps in order to change the gathering, taming and XP multipliers.

Log in to our TCAdmin panel.

Navigate to your game services and select the server you want to apply these settings on.

Click on Configuration Files.

Click on the configuration editor button for the GameUserSettings.ini file

In this file you will find these related settings such as:

Harvest Amount Multiplier
Taming Speed Multiplier
XP Multiplier

You may find others in this editor too that you wish to set.

Please note, for the taming multiplier, it's multiplied by 2. So for example if you set the taming multiplier to 20, the effect will be 40. This only applies to the TamingSpeedMultiplier setting.

These settings can effect performance. Very high settings may decrease your performance and you may need to upgrade your servers hardware to support them. Please contact us if you're interested in upgrading.

Updated on: 19/05/2019

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