Follow these steps in order to change the breeding / hatching multipliers.

Log in to our TCAdmin panel.
Navigate to your game services and select the server you want to apply these settings on.
Click on Configuration Files.
Next to ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\game.ini, click on configuration editor and check if these settings are in here.

We are always adding settings to our configuration editor, so it is possible that these settings have been added here and therefore the below steps to add it manually via the text editor will not be needed!

If they are not, we can add them via the Text Editor instead. Go back and click on the Text Editor instead.

To change the breeding, maturation and hatching multipliers you will need to change the following inside the Game.ini file:


The values given above are variable. You can change these to your requirements.

See example below regarding the BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier.

Note that these times are not 100% accurate and each dino has different imprint times. This is based on Dilophosaurus. Keep editing the number until you're satisfied with the result.

1.0= 3 HR 39 MIN
0.7= 2 HR 24 MIN
0.5= 1 HR 53 MIN 15 SEC
0.3= 58 MIN 55 SEC
0.1= 22 MIN 27 SEC
0.08= 14 MIN 58 SEC
0.06= 14 MIN 09 SEC
0.04= 7 MIN 44 SEC
0.02= 4 MIN 42 SEC
0.01= 1 MIN 52 SEC
0.0156= 3 MIN 30 SEC
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