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ARMA 3 How To: Unpack & Repack PBOs using PBO Manager

Before getting started, ensure that the following programs are installed on your Personal Computer as these are a requirement

FTP Client we recommend File zilla this can be found on the following link :
PBO manger this can be found on the following :

Knowledgebase Recommendation : How to Connect to the Server Using FTP (TCADMIN ONLY)

In the following example, we will be using the Exile Mod mission, however, this is the same method for any PBO file.

Open FileZilla as you will be using this program to connect to the server, Once connected, navigate to the directory containing your PBO file, Once you have found the PBO, Right-click on the PBO and select the download it to your PC, We recommend taking note of the location as you will need the path later on for uploading.

On the local computer, Make a new folder labelled the name of the mission ( we recommend the desktop) then, you will need to find the PBO you have downloaded ( this can be in the download folder) and Right-click on the downloaded PBO when hovering over the "PBO Manager" category and click on the option to extract the files into their folder you made, in this case, it would be "Extract to Exile.Altis", as shown in the below screenshot.

The contents of the PBO that was Extracted can now be found within the created folder, at this point, you are free to make any changes desired to the raw files.
Once you have completed any changes, please proceed to the next step to repack the folder into a PBO.

To Repack the PBO, Please Right-click the folder containing your raw PBO files( the one that was made in step 2), hover over the "PBO Manager" category and then click the top option -labelled Pack into <folder>.PBO, so in our example, Pack into Exile.Altis.PBO

Please note that This will replace the old PBO with the newly edited files, once the rePacking is complete, we can upload the new PBO back onto your Server using FileZilla.

While FileZilla is still open, please navigate to the location containing your edited PBO(this will be the left side window, the right side will be the Server), right-click on the PBO and click "Upload" to replace the existing files in the server directory.

Once the upload is complete and You now have successfully uploaded your modified PBO onto the server - those changes will take effect the next time the server is started back up.

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Updated on: 15/11/2021

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