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Installing Creator DLC Mods For Your Arma 3 Server

DLC content is available on the creator branch, clients use the branch switcher to switch to it and activate it as a normal mod.

To gain access to DLC content on your server, here are the steps:

Log into your server's control panel.
Stop the server
Click MORE next to the Start/Stop button
Wait for the page to load and click Delete SteamApps. Allow the step to complete.
Click the Arma 3 Server Branch Switcher / Updater
Arma 3 Branch Switcher

Click the drop down menu and change it to Creator DLC.
Click Execute and allow the process to finish.
Creator DLC

Click on the Command-line Setting and activate it as a normal mod with specific to the DLC in the Command-line. For example, the Command-line with mods for the Vietnam DLC would appear like: vn;@mod;@mod;
Command-line Settings

For DLC content:
vn - S.O.G. PRAIRIE FIRE (Vietnam)
ws - Western Sahara
spe - Spearhead 1944

Your commandline should at least look like this:

You can check your File Explorer for Folders that relate to Creator DLC content:

Updated on: 27/07/2023

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